Solar power, generated from sun, represents an infinite source of totaly « green  power ».


UNELCO Engie operates PV pannels.

A PV pannel generates direct current when expose to sunlight. The direct current is then transform into a suitable power compatible with the power network requirements. It is an easy to generate power but only during daylight.

Energie Solaire - Unelco - Vanuatu - La centrale photovoltaïque de Tanna

Tanna PV plant 

UNELCO operates 3 grid connected PV power:

  • 80 kWc atTagabe
  • 20 kWc at Tanna
  • 20 kWc at Malekula

Supplying power to remotes areas

Renewable anergies are particularly well adapted to supply remote areas requiring realible source of electricity. UNELCO has supplied and installed hybrid power stations (PV solar + diesel) to 3 dispensaries througout Vanuatu, offfering them a reliable and sustainable source of electricity at a low cost.





A PV/Diesel hybrid power station is a perfect example of a standalone Energy Mix application. PV panels recharge batteries during proper daylight. The stored energy is used as needed. A backup Diesel generator will substitute to sun during low sunlight period or upon higher power demand. A fine tuned design reduces the operation of the diesel group and optimizes the capital costs.




Energie solaire - Unelco - Vanuatu


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