UNELCO has a 3 MW Wind farm (11 x 275 kW Vergnet wind turbine). Located at Devil’s Point, the wind farme generates 9% of the power used in Port-Vila.

La ferme éolienne de la Pointe du Diable

Wind turbine converts the energy of the wind into mechanical energy (rotation of the propeller) and then into electricity (alternator coupled with the propeller).

This energy does not emit any greenhouse gas, or pollutants, complying with ENGIE objectives in terms of renewable energy development.

Each turbine supplies an average of 140 households a year.

Wind power remains fuzzy, in many utilities, the operator tends to limit the energy from wind power to limit network instability. UNELCO Engie avoids that incovenient situation using Diesel gensets to instantly compensate variability of wind power. We then have regular high wind penetration rates (percentage of wind power compare to total power generated) ranging from  40% during 24 hours up to 70% peak!.

Wind turbine fact & figures

  • 41 to 68 rpm. Revolution speed of the prorpeler
  • 15 km/h : Minimum wind speed to generate power.


BP 26 Port-Vila

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