Electricity and water tariffs have recently increased.

This contractual tariff adjustment is the result of several factors:

  • The increase in fuel costs. Approximately 15% of the water service cost and 45% of the electricity service cost are composed of the cost of oil. The international oil prices have generally increased since February 2016.
  • The update of the value of the other variables that contribute to the tariff adjustment, in particular the evolution of Vanuatu labour costs according to the indexes prescribed by the concession contracts.
  • The application of a new « URA Surcharge » of 2%. This surcharge is mandated on all utility invoices in accordance with amendment 19 of 2016 of the Utilities Regulatory Authority Act.

This new legislative mandate is now an obligation imposed on all utility service providers in Vanuatu. This surcharge applies on and above all the other elements that constitute the utility invoices. The proceeds of this surcharge are remitted to the URA.

The utility tariffs included in UNELCO's bills to its customers are calculated strictly in accordance with the tariff provisions of the concession contracts between the Government of Vanuatu and UNELCO.

UNELCO refers to the URA's Public Announcement published in the Daily Post Newspaper on 28 October 2017 and on the URA's website regarding the UNELCO September and October electricity tariffs, as well as the second semester water tariffs. UNELCO confirms that the amounts invoiced have been calculated strictly in accordance with the relevant concession contract and apply. In order to ensure continuity of your service supply, we kindly remind you that your invoices are required to be paid in full and on time.



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