Electricity contributes to your comfort, but it can be dangerous if you are not cautious with it.

It is forbidden to touch underground and arial cables. You have to be very careful when you are close to an electrical line.

  • Do not touch electrical cables that have fallen on the ground. They might be live.
    Call UNELCO 26 000.
  • Do not play with electrical cables or other flying objects close to and above aerial lines.
  • Do not climb up electrical poles


Be careful:

  • with the aerial electrical cables when working on your roof.
  • when you cut down trees next to the electrical lines.
  • with underground electrical cables when digging.
  • when moving your latter.
  • always use good quality electrical cables.
  • Do not touch naked electrical cables.
  • never use electrical devices when you are wet (hand and body)
  • Unplug all electrical equipment

All electrical wirings carried out below proper safety standards can lead to short circuits or fire.

Call profesionals!