A key economic player in the Utilities sector in Vanuatu, UNELCO Engie is a private enterprise and the utilities concessionnaire for the production, transport and supply of electricity and water.

Our mission as utilities provider is to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity to homes and businesses and to provide quality service that meets the smooth operating requirements of your equipment.

Our mission also includes the establishment of new networks and the strengthening of existing ones so as to keep pace with and anticipate the development of this country.

UNELCO Engie holds 4 geographical concessions, being EFATE island, the two administrative centres of Norsup (MALEKULA) and Lenakel (TANNA) for the provision of electricity, as well as the capital, Port Vila, for the supply of water.

UNELCO Engie is a locally incorporated company, having 2 main shareholders : ENGIE (60%) and VANUATU NATIONAL PROIDENT FUND (40%).




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BP 26 Port-Vila

Tel : 26000