Save time by using our payment terminals.

As part of its innovation policy to modernize and digitize customer service, UNELCO is proud to offer a new payment method to its customers.

Two payment terminals have been installed at the entrance at UNELCO Port Vila office.

These payment terminals or automatic payment machines allow customers to pay their water and electricity bills in cash only, in complete safety.

This is a first in Vanuatu for ATMs allowing the payment of bills with return of money knowing that what currently exists mainly consists of the withdrawal of ticket.

In the test phase since last December, these payment terminals are now operational to the general public and self-service.

Saving time by avoiding the queue, easy and fast use (transaction in less than 2 minutes), more extended accessibility hours - every day continuously from 5 am to 8 pm, Saturday / Sunday / days holidays included - these are the benefits that these atm provide to customers



You can proceed with your transaction with your "paper" bill or adopt the "paperless" ecological gesture by scanning the screen image of your "E-Billing" bill from your phone.


"Nice wan", "emia i isi", "feeling thankfull" "no go line", "mi save kam anitaem" "UNELCO brings more to customers" are the positive and encouraging feedback from the first users (more than 7500 recorded transactions nowadays).