Because safety is everybody's business at all times, UNELCO Engie deems it to be its utmost priority!

The substantial mobilization of all the staff has enabled us to significantly improve our safety outcomes.

Ensuring a maximum level of safety, both for the company’s personnel and its subcontractors and customers, is a constant challenge, day in, day out.

The key working tools used by UNELCO are as follows:

- Training on a regular basis in respect of risk prevention and containment

  • electricity safety
  • fire
  • first aid
  • machine operation
  • gestures and postures
  • working high up off the ground

- use of individual protective gear and such tools as are suitable for a particular activity

- preparation of work and analysis of risks

- establishment of a Health & Safety Committee to consider matters relating to health and safety

Safety Statistics for 2016 :

(TF: 0 / TG: 0)


BP 26 Port-Vila

Tel : 26000