In order to expand the range and choice of services offered to our customers, UNELCO ENGIE, in collaboration with VODAFONE VANUATU, is introducing a new simple and flexible digital payment option: "M-VATU".

Customers who choose this digital service will now be able to pay their electricity and water bills by simply transferring money to their M-VATU account and then directing their payments to their UNELCO customer account; all done directly from their mobile phone.

This service allows our customers to pay their electricity and water bills from the comfort of their homes with just a few clicks on their mobile phones.

The Managing Director of UNELCO ENGIE said: "Digitalisation of the various aspects of our public service delegation is one of the important tools to improve the experience of our customers and the efficiency of our services.

Barlen Lutchmoodoo, CEO of VODAFONE Vanuatu, stressed the importance of digitising the services offered to the people of Vanuatu and continuing to promote and develop a digital society.


To access this new digital payment service :

1) The customer must have a Vodafone SIM card

2) The customer must register with the Vodafone service and obtain a secret personal identification number that allows the transaction to be validated securely


For more information the provider of this service : VODAFONE on 081111 or in their branches.


Save time by using our payment terminals.


On September 28, 2018, ENGIE and the VNPF (Vanuatu National Provident Fund) signed a promise to sell and purchase UNELCO ENGIE shares.


UNELCO ENGIE is partnering with ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) to offer to UNELCO ENGIE customers the option to pay their water and electricity invoices with their mobile phones, using a digital payment method “ANZ goMoney”.


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