There are many ways to pay your invoice with UNELCO. Choose the best option that suits your needs.
-Automatic Direct Debit from your nominated Bank
-Bank Card


To apply for direct debit please fill in the Direct Debit authority form at UNELCO main office.

Customers will receive their invoice 15 days prior the due date and the invoice amount will be automatically debited from your nominated account on the date indicated on the invoice.


  • easy and convenient
  • no additional charges
  • no need to worry about forgetting the due date
  • no need to come into UNELCO office to make payment each month

To download the direct debit authority form



Present your bank card to the cashier's at the commercial agency of UNELCO office or if you have an ANZ Bank Card they have the facilities to accept payment at their office. 



To pay by cheque please note the reference number and/or policy number located on your invoice and post to UNELCO PO Box 26 Port Vila Vanuatu.

Please note: it is important to allow the necessary time of the Vanuatu Mail service to ensure your cheque is received by UNELCO by the due date of the invoice


Place cheque in the "cheque box" outside of the commercial agency UNELCO office,


Present cheque to the cashiers at the commercial agency UNELCO office.

Please not: in the event of a reject payement, UNELCO will add the charges to your invoice.



Present invoice to the cashiers at the commercial agency UNELCO office together with your cash payment. 


BP 26 Port-Vila

Tel : 26000