UNELCO has been present in Vanuatu since 1939.
UNELCO holds 4 concessions in different geographical locations, being EFATE Island, the two administrative centres of Norsup (MALEKULA) and Lenakel (TANNA) for the supply of electricity, plus the capital Port Vila for the supply of water.



UNELCO has been present in Vanuatu since 1939.

It operates three power stations:

  • the thermal power station in Port Vila
  • the thermal power station at Tagabe
  • 3 solar farm (Kawene, Tagabe et Undin Bay)
  • 1 pump station

Port Vila Power Station

The historical power station in Port Vila is currently undergoing a complete overhaul and upgrade.

There are only 2 MAN engines left over from the 2007 power station. Four new CUMMINS QSK 1 250 kW generators, hooded and sound-proofed, have been installed. These high-tech generators are going to enable the production capacity to be increased in order to meet the rapid rise in demand whilst significantly reducing the noise pollution and gas emissions.

Tagabe Power Station

Commissioned in 2001, the Tagabe power station consists mainly of 2 MAN generators with 4 MW output each, which cover a large part of the needs in Port Vila. These generators run on a mix of fuel with 30% coconut oil. The bio-fuel is produced locally.

  • Small customers: 10 303
  • Big customers: 73
  • Prepaid: 4 246

Network length

  • High voltage: 271 km
  • Low voltage: 331 km

Installed capacity : 24,89 MW


BP 26 Port-Vila

Tel : 26000