Should you wish to reduce the delay in reading and rough calculation of your compsumtions ? self-billing « @MIRIDIMETA » is the solution.

What is « @MIRIDIMETA » ?

« @MIRIDIMETA » is a self-billing programme with conditions to do your own reading on electricity or water meter on a specific date in order to be billed as accurately as possible on the basis of your actual consumption each month.

@MIRIDIMETA : Customer Ease and Benefits

@MIRIDIMETA is free and allows you to manage your billing.

I read my meter monthly and I guarantee that :

  • I am independent,
  • I am billed for my consumption as accurately as possible,
  • I am not annoyed by readers to facilitate access to my meter,
  • I have regular accurate invoices by avoiding long cycle of billing

 Affraid you might forget to do take your reading ? No worries ! Subscribe now to the NEWS LETTER @MIRIDIMETA, and receive monthly reminders to have your reading on the right date !

How to subscribe @MIRIDIMETA ?

To subscribe, fill the form @MIRIDIMETA available at the UNELCO sales office or simply send your request by email to

  • For ELECTRICITY meter : reading between the 14th and 17th of each month
  • For WATER meter: reading between the 14th and 17th every 3 months (February, May, August and November)

To subscribe, fill the following form

Subscription @MIRIDIMETA


Return the completed and signed form to us :


Once the form received, you will receive confirmation to your subscription to @miridimeta

@MIRIDIMETA   how it works :

      1. Identify your meter number with the meter number on the back of your bill. Do not send your neighbour's meter number!
      2. Go to your meter,
        • ELECTRICITY : note down the maximum of 6 digits on the dial of your meter. These 6 digits represent your "energy consumption index in kWh.  The difference with the previous reading gives you your monthly consumption.
        • WATER : note down the first 5 digits from the left (ignore the red digits). These 5 digits represent your "water consumption index in M3). The difference with the previous reading gives you your monthly consumption.
        • Or simply take a picture of your meter and make sure the reading is clear.
      3. Send us the information and / picture :
      4. You will receive your invoice with the information you have provided.
        • ELECTRICITY : on a monthly basis
        • WATER : on a quaterly basis


En vous abonnant à la NEWS LETTER @MIRIDIMETA, vous recevrez chaque mois un courriel vous rappelant d’envoyer votre index de consommation à la bonne date. Aucun oubli possible !