The Government of Vanuatu and UNELCO are partnering to achieve the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and will strive to fulfill the Government’s ambitious CoP 21 100% renewable energy commitment by 2030.


Energie Road Map


Energie Road Map


Energie Road Map

Pathway to Achieving the Renewable Energy Commitments and Other Wider Sustainable Development Goals for Vanuatu.

UNELCO in Efaté today

Installe grid-connected capacity in EFATE (sept. 2018)

3.5 MW

2.4 MWc

Up to 8 MW

Up to 21 MW

Electricity and Water Customers

16 000

Peak elec demand

12 MW


66 GWh

The CoP21 agreement and the National Determined Commitments (NDC) require 100% Renewable Energy (RE) by 2030; which implies an increase RE generation of 73 GWh by 2030.

Achieving these ambitious RE objectives will require not one but a mix of renewable technologies; there are a handful of renewable ressources available in Efaté.

The resulting energy mix would be

58% coprah oil

19% wind

16% solar

7% biomass/incineration

=100% RE target of 2030.

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